What are the possibilities for you and your life?

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Energetic Being

What would it be like to live your biggest, fattest, juiciest life?

What would it take to create that?

What if you could change things just by asking a question?

I’m Whitney Christina,

Producer and host of Your Big Fat Juicy Life and I help people who want to stop merely existing to start living a juicy life.

What would a juicy life look like for you?

Would it be more love? More money? More time? More energy? Better job? Better Relationships? More Fun? All of the above?

Contact me at 860-830-1180 for a FREE Discovery Session and to see what’s possible…


Whitney Christina

Are you a seeker?

Having grown up in a situation that would challenge even the stanchest, most heroic person, I know what it’s like to seek something greater. I know what it’s like to want a different life.

I created …

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Private Sessions with Whitney are available and include Access Consciousness® facilitation tools and techniques, Body Processes, Advanced Body Phenonmenance* , and Symphony of Possibilities* processes.

Access Bars® Dynamic Stress Reduction Treatment
This incredibly dynamic treatment has been called the shortcut to clearing the mind, healing the body, and achieving the inner peace you’ve been looking for. You will begin to experience profound changes in your life such as relief from anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, fear, and other stress related problems. Calmness and joyfulness typically occur after a Bars session. Please visit the Bars page for more information.

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Energetic Body Work with Access Consciousness™

Access The Bars

Including our bodies in the process of becoming more conscious and aware is an essential part of Access Consciousness™.  Its founder, Gary Douglas, has stated repeatedly that embodiment, is not only being in a body (that’s part of it), but also every aspect of being in that body in this entire reality.

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“One conversation with Whitney Christina changed my business forever. She was exciting and energizing to work with and the results feel exceptional.”

– Erica G.

“My original plan for today was to watch mindless tv shows, sleep and just chill. Instead, I spent the day learning “Access The Bars” from Whitney Christina Amazing! You have to try this! If you want the ultimate in relaxation, treat yourself to a Bars Session with Whitney. Want to enhance your massage or holistic practice? Learn The Bars.”

– Michele K.

“I just finished my third bars class with Whitney and loved it. She is an fun, joyful, wonderful teacher who really brings her students gifts forward. I highly recommend her as a teacher.”

– Mona

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