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Dancing in Venice small webWhitney Christina is a life-long intuitive who grew up in a family of intuitives and energetic healers. It was a holistic environment when the term holistic had yet to be coined. Her daily life was often being called upon to …

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Private Sessions with Whitney are available and include Access Consciousness® facilitation tools and techniques, Body Processes, Advanced Body Phenonmenance* , and Symphony of Possibilities* processes.

Access Bars® Dynamic Stress Reduction Treatment
This incredibly dynamic treatment has been called the shortcut …

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Energetic Body Work with Access Consciousness™

Access The Bars

Access The Bars from Access Consciousness on Vimeo.

Have you been earnestly working on your self-development and ignoring your body while doing it?

  • If your body were telling you it would like to contribute to the
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I just finished my third bars class with Whitney and loved it.
She is an fun, joyful, wonderful teacher who really brings her
students gifts forward. I highly recommend her as a teacher.

Fun, joyful, and wonderful …

Mona- Stoneham MA