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Dancing in Venice small webAre you a seeker?

Having grown up in a situation that would challenge even the stanchest, most heroic person, I know what it’s like to seek something greater. I know what it’s like to want a different life.

I created a really challenging childhood to overcome. I did it and I realized I could just go poof and change it all.

I experienced things growing up that prompted me to always search for a better life. I moved a lot. Was at the effect of racial abuse, financial abuse, mental abuse, and neglect. I can remember living with my family in a 1 room cabin with no heat in the Colorado mountains watching cockroaches scamper around and even then, I knew I could have a better life.

Even with the insanity my family was embroiled in I couldn’t be dominated by it. There’s a way to BE that overcomes any limitation. There was no stopping me. As a seeker I would check out this modality, that religion, and even though there were positive things about them there were still limitations. Those blocks were all part of the glass ceilings that I burst through time and again to always know that I can have more and be more and create beyond.

See, I’ve always known. When I was married and my husband told me I was crazy to know about all of his affairs, I still knew. I created anxiety and depression, medicating myself to not be aware. yet I still knew. No matter what this reality and the people functioning in it have said to me, I’ve had an innate capacity to know what I know and to know that I know. There was something in the core of my very being that could help me gauge my knowing and I’ve always trusted that.

Do you know things that seem impossible for you to know too?

And what does your body know?

Growing up, my mother would ask me to lay my hands on her body to heal it and those moments always gave me a sense of expansion and contribution. The capacity my body had then and still has to change things for other people was one of the things I was seeking more of and when I first discovered I could take this ability beyond my relationship with my mom it felt like effervescence. It felt like giggles. It was the energetic movement that included my body I had been searching for.

When I realized that questions open the doors to all possibilities, I was like a drowning man who couldn’t get enough. I realized that everyone had been trying to get me to the answer and that truly living is about asking the question that unlocks limitation.

I’ve been able to change cancer with my clients. Make the connections that have created multimillion dollar businesses and it’s all because I am a seeker.

What does your body know? What is it saying to you? For many of my clients, our work together is the first time they’ve ever heard their body and our sessions initiate a conversation their body has been begging for and one that continues long into the future.

In session work and classes, I access the many different modalities and approaches I’ve practiced throughout my life, from Buddhism to Usui and Lightarian Reiki, to Access Consciousness™, my target is to be the gift that unlocks possibility with each person I work with.

Working with Fortune 100 companies like Ford, Chrysler, and American Express, tapping into their energy, and being a contribution for them and the companies I worked for, allowed me to create millions of dollars in revenue. Now it’s fun for me to talk to businesses that create change on the planet and create change in people’s lives no matter the company’s size. Discovering what each business I work with requires in order to generate, grow, and expand is a pleasure and joy for me.

What is it that you are seeking? What is it your business is seeking? Would you like to know that you know too? To be able to hear your body? To be able to hear your business? To step into the healing capacities you and your body have? To step into the creation and generation that your being and business is? To step into the potency that YOU truly be?

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