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Cool Tools to Change Your Life ~ This Summer in New England

By on Aug 8, 2016 in Past Newsletters | 0 comments

What are Access Bars® How can they change my life? I’ve been asked – what are Access Bars®? How does it work?  The first class in Access is The Bars® are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive? These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!  Sounds like fun, right?  It’s energy, possibilities, and more. Check out this Review of Access Bars® by Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin. Cool Tool to Play With What can I be or do today that will change this right away? Have you ever noticed that a question has been the start of everywhere you have created change in your life? Have you ever noticed that when you are looking for answers all you have created stops? I wonder what would happen hen you operate from your infinite knowing and being and ask questions? Something not turning out the way you choose?  What would it be like if you asked a question? Check out what Dr. Dain Heer says about Doing Something Different.  Do Something Different – Dr. Dain Heer Listen to Dr. Jeffrey Fannin and Gary Douglas talk about shifting your paradigm with Access Consciousness  Shift Your Paradigm With Access Consciousness     Looking for an Access Bars Class? Check this out  Click here to register: Looking for more? Feeling like Access Bars® are creating more?  Wonder what else is possible?   5 Days to Change Your Life – As If by Magic Access Bars® and The NEW Foundation class Have you always known there was more? Is there some issue you’d love to be done with forever? Have you always known you were different? This is your invitation to discover just how much more there really is! Access is a dynamic set of tools and processes that have the power to unlock you from issues most people have been unable to resolve for years! It offers tools that work to change what you’d like to change, support you in creating what you’d really like to create, and invite you...

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Yeah But, Why Does It Feel So Good?

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The Bars are the first body process and foundation of Access Consciousness.  If you are getting this newsletter, chances are you have had your Bars run at an expo, are a Bars client, are an Access Consciousness body process client, maybe you are a Bars Practitioner, Bars Facilitator, or CFMW, either way – you have had your Bars run.  The first time your were told “At worst you feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.” maybe there was a little eye rolling – but hey it looked so inviting!  How could you resist?  You had them run and . . . it  felt  so  good. Did you ever notice that everything that expands your life starts with a question?  This one starts with, How did we get so lucky?  Gary and Dain went to a conference.  This was not a metaphysical conference, not a medical conference, nor a conference on holistic practices or energy medicine.  They were at a conference for thought leaders (previous attendees have been on Shark Tank, invented the magnetic credit card strip, have been Olympians, owned nationwide restaurant chains to name a few).  They were at the conference, being them, running Bars when one of the attendees, Neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin ran an impromtu test on someone having their Bars run.  When Dr. Fannin’s presented his findings here’s what he said, I have been doing these tests for many years, and studied many modalities.  I have never seen anything that does this.  The cohesion between the parts of their brain is amazing.  In non-neuroscientist speak –  the multiple things he has studied there is something called gamma coherence.  In the gamma spectrum, if you are coherent you have a sense of gratitude, a sense of joy, no judgement, a sense of connection with everything, an ability to create, and possibilities.  Bars creates more change in that area in a faster time than anything he has ever seen.  Dr. Fannin is looking to do a study on the Bars. Once you had your Bars run, you can tell your own experience, doors opened up, things expanded, changed occurred,...

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The Gift of YOU

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The holidays are here.  You know it.  You started getting a little more wound up, a little more contracted, frantic, frenetic, snappish, cranky, panicky, dark, about 5 weeks ago.  Hey wait a minute, that’s not the holiday spirit!  Where’s the mistletoe?  Egg nog?  Families and friends singing around the piano, pretty presents under the tree, sleigh rides, happy people everywhere, arms around each other, carols, gingerbread men?  What’s with the crowded malls, fist fights for the latest greatest, depression, darkness of the soul?  Is there anxiety surrounding the upcoming family gathering where you get to spend time with the people who have judged you your whole life and taught you how to judge yourself?  How are those judgements coming along?  Are they living up to the familial expectations?  Top it off with the requirement to get the perfect gift for the family, co-worker, teachers, friends, nail tech. . .  It’s a good thing you’re an infinite being.  You’d have to be in order to put you in all of those pretty tiny boxes.  Even if that isn’t your reality, most of us are so empathic it is hard not to get some of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, splattered on us during the season. You’re not in the clear after the big gift giving extravaganza is over though.  Then you can make your New Year’s Resolution!  You know, the one’s you were guilted into making and have no intention of keeping.  The perpetual judgements of the wrongness of you.  Make a list of all the ways you were wrong last year and you’ll change (not) this year. How about this.  Gary Douglas recently asked in one of his Voice America radio shows, “What if you came out of judgement of you and what if every wrongness of you were actually a strongness of you?”  How would that change your New Year?  He said, “You can change everything if you are willing to stay present”. What if you, the infinite you, are the gift and the change that the world required?  What if the potent you, expanded out to be the ease and joy of you, with the brilliance that only you can provide, in only the way you can...

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Imagine yourself here.

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On Wednesday, November 26, Gary Douglas will be teaching his first Bars class in 20 years.   How did we get so lucky?  Seriously.  How many people can say that they were trained by the person that discovered the modality?  If you were a cartoonist, imagine being able to say you were trained by Walt Disney.  If you were a pilot, Orville and Wilbur taught you to fly.  If you were an artist, being able to say that you and Claude Monet hung out and he taught you a few things.  How COOL is that? As of this 10 seconds, there are over 250 PODs – (a POD definition here as a live class, watching Gary’s Livestream in Australia, or a replay of his live class) with over 1500 people registered.  All of them contributing to consciousness, to each other, to themselves and all they are creating for what is possible.  Imagine, over 1500 infinite beings with the potency, capacity, desire, and demand to change the world all together at the same time with that focus – consciousness.  What will be created?  How will the earth shift and change with this infinite receiving?  What is possible for you and your life, being part of this contribution and change?  Put what you are looking to change on the front burner – there is going to be a global shift and contribution for you and the world. Do you remember, that one time you REALLY needed something to change?  You reached into your infinite being, and shifted the whole mountain.  Things were just as you required.  There was no question that it would be so.  That is the amazingness of you.  Now imagine you and 1499+ of your closest friends putting in that contribution.  Will you be there to receive? Dain’s question, “what if you were the change the world required?”  How potent and conscious is this planet – pulling all of us together so it gets the contribution it requires?  Greater than I could ever imagine and what else is possible?  What would it take to create more? Imagine yourself here.   Looking for individual sessions, support, classes, exchanges, or more fun than you can even imagine? Connecticut Whitney Christina, CFMW...

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Could Independence Day be your independence from judgement?

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What is so offensive about us that we require judgement in every second of our lives?  Did I just call you offensive?  No, but do you, in your head, with every thought, every time you look in the mirror, every time you think about the last words that came out of your mouth, the last job you did, the last breath you took?  No, we are not all that pathetic really, but maybe just a little.  Think about your self talk “I’m not good at ___”, “I could stand to lose 5 extra pounds”, “I could never ___” “I’m just a bad at ______”.  Ssshhhhh. Your body and your being are listening. Judgement is the creativity, joy, body, life, living, and BEing killer.  It eliminates your creating and receiving.  You create your reality.  That’s great news, because that means you can change it. How does it get any better? (cool tool alert) Consider this.  We walk around on this planet carried by our sweet bodies.  They do what we ask of them, they take us where we want to go, they are psychic to a level way beyond our mere mortal imaginings.  What do I mean?  An example I can give you from my own life is this.  When Access announced that they were having facilitator training in Venice this past March, my body jumped up and started dancing, laughing, and singing with joy, “we’re going to Venice, we’re going to Venice”.  I was on the patio of a Starbucks at the time, with a group of people I barely knew.  Did my body care?  Nope.  All it cared about was, “we’re going to Venice, we’re going to Venice, we’re going to Venice” and it was so happy.  The depth of change that was being created for me in my life and my willingness to create change and consciousness in the world in that 10 seconds was profound.  There was no judgement, only joy, creation and awareness. We have been trained from childhood not to judge.  But the one person we will judge more harshly than anyone else on the planet is ourselves.  Instead of cutting off our creation and our receiving, try this, for one week, gratitude.  When the...

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Bodies, bodies, bodies

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Bodies, how much do we take them for granted?  They take us where we want to go, do WHAT EVER we ask (even if we don’t remember that we did ask), have their own awarenesses, are with us 100% of the time, and never leave our side.  As BEings, we walk around the planet pretty much oblivious of our bodies.  Oblivious until we have ignored it to the point it is crying out in pain for the care it may be too late to receive.  What would it be like to have a different reality with your body? Have you become more aware of your body lately?  Just feeling it more? Whether it be more yummy, more pain, more itchy, more sneezy, more edgy?  Just . . . more? Clothes bother you?  Skin too tight?  Want to stretch?  Walk?  Dance?  Cabin fever?  Yes, spring has finally arrived (gratitude) but maybe it has arrived with more of an edge.  And that edge is physical.  In the recent Advanced Body Class, Access Consciousness Founder, Gary Douglas, said that bodies have been demanding more body processes.  As soon as he said that I was aware that was true. I see classes that bodies are creating in New England!  Beyond the Bars classes, there is the Access Facelift, MTVSS, Oldings, Cellular Memory and other body process classes being held everywhere I look!  Look for classes being held or just have one run by Access Facilitators, Body Facilitators, or Bars Facilitators in June and July somewhere in the world near you. Bodies called half way around the world and brought back Susan Lazar Hart from her European Tour to conduct a 3 day body class July 18-20 in Windsor, CT.  How did we get so lucky? Donnielle Carter will be bringing The Right Body For You, August 8-10.  Have you been wanting to change your body and your life? What if the key to life was not judging your body but being grateful for it? How would your life change generating it from that space? What Contribution is Your Body to Your Life?  Is Your Body an Ease or a Burden?  “Any area of your life that isn’t ease, joy and glory is where you have a lack of consciousness or awareness,” says Gary...

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