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Imagine yourself here.


On Wednesday, November 26, Gary Douglas will be teaching his first Bars class in 20 years.   How did we get so lucky?  Seriously.  How many people can say that they were trained by the person that discovered the modality?  If you were a cartoonist, imagine being able to say you were trained by Walt Disney.  If you were a pilot, Orville and Wilbur taught you to fly.  If you were an artist, being able to say that you and Claude Monet hung out and he taught you a few things.  How COOL is that?

As of this 10 seconds, there are over 250 PODs – (a POD definition here as a live class, watching Gary’s Livestream in Australia, or a replay of his live class) with over 1500 people registered.  All of them contributing to consciousness, to each other, to themselves and all they are creating for what is possible.  Imagine, over 1500 infinite beings with the potency, capacity, desire, and demand to change the world all together at the same time with that focus – consciousness.  What will be created?  How will the earth shift and change with this infinite receiving?  What is possible for you and your life, being part of this contribution and change?  Put what you are looking to change on the front burner – there is going to be a global shift and contribution for you and the world.

Do you remember, that one time you REALLY needed something to change?  You reached into your infinite being, and shifted the whole mountain.  Things were just as you required.  There was no question that it would be so.  That is the amazingness of you.  Now imagine you and 1499+ of your closest friends putting in that contribution.  Will you be there to receive?

Dain’s question, “what if you were the change the world required?”  How potent and conscious is this planet – pulling all of us together so it gets the contribution it requires?  Greater than I could ever imagine and what else is possible?  What would it take to create more?

Imagine yourself here.



Looking for individual sessions, support, classes, exchanges, or more fun than you can even imagine?



  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?


New Hampshire

  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?

New York

  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?


  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?

So, if you are asking the question how can I get listed here or how can I contribute to the newsletter, send an e-mail to info@energeticbeing.org.
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Access Bars

Global Bars Livestream with Gary Douglas

For the first time in over 20 years, Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas will be teaching a Bars Class.  He will be Live Streaming the class from Noosa, Australia on November 26.  There are over 90 Pods at this time joining the Gary’s Live Stream.  Imagine, people from all over the world running Bars at the same time.  Global party of consciousness.  What else is possible?

To take part in one of the PODs you have to have taken at least one Bars Class.  If you haven’t jump in one right away.  You wouldn’t want to have to wait another 20 year for this opportunity to show up again.

Register Here for Bloomfield, CT: http://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=49132

Register Here for Shutesbury, MA: http://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=48967

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