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Could Independence Day be your independence from judgement?

What is so offensive about us that we require judgement in every second of our lives?  Did I just call you offensive?  No, but do you, in your head, with every thought, every time you look in the mirror, every time you think about the last words that came out of your mouth, the last job you did, the last breath you took?  No, we are not all that pathetic really, but maybe just a little.  Think about your self talk “I’m not good at ___”, “I could stand to lose 5 extra pounds”, “I could never ___” “I’m just a bad at ______”.  Ssshhhhh. Your body and your being are listening. Judgement is the creativity, joy, body, life, living, and BEing killer.  It eliminates your creating and receiving.  You create your reality.  That’s great news, because that means you can change it. How does it get any better? (cool tool alert)

Consider this.  We walk around on this planet carried by our sweet bodies.  They do what we ask of them, they take us where we want to go, they are psychic to a level way beyond our mere mortal imaginings.  What do I mean?  An example I can give you from my own life is this.  When Access announced that they were having facilitator training in Venice this past March, my body jumped up and started dancing, laughing, and singing with joy, “we’re going to Venice, we’re going to Venice”.  I was on the patio of a Starbucks at the time, with a group of people I barely knew.  Did my body care?  Nope.  All it cared about was, “we’re going to Venice, we’re going to Venice, we’re going to Venice” and it was so happy.  The depth of change that was being created for me in my life and my willingness to create change and consciousness in the world in that 10 seconds was profound.  There was no judgement, only joy, creation and awareness.

We have been trained from childhood not to judge.  But the one person we will judge more harshly than anyone else on the planet is ourselves.  Instead of cutting off our creation and our receiving, try this, for one week, gratitude.  When the buzz saw of chatter starts up in the back of your head telling you how you could have done something better, why you weren’t enough, how you were wrong, how this is too big, this is too small, this is sagging, this is frizzy, this has too much hair, this not enough, how you are too old, too young, too slow, too fast, not rich enough, not enough experience, don’t know how, not the right pedigree, laughs too loud, runs too fast, just farted, as Dain says, just shut up. Shut up and be kind to you.  See you and all the infinite possibilities that you truly BE.  Dain Heer said this in his Symphony of Possibilities Class in Noosa (and I do this before every person I touch), cool tool for independence –   I suggest you look YOURSELF in the eyes in the mirror, lower your barriers and:

“BE in such AWE of the BEing in front of you and the steps they have taken, no matter how many walls, and how many barriers, how many judgements and everything else.  What if you could simply be in awe of them and their willingness to continue and the beauty of the being that is there, that they are trying to hide from themselves and the world.”  Dain Heer, Symphony of Possibilities, Noosa

For one week.  Would you be willing and courageous enough to stop the self chatter and exchange it for this awareness of all the steps you have taken to get where you are, the contribution to the world that you be, and gratitude for all you have done to get here and the beauty and gift you are.  Acknowledge how AWEsome you be.  Will you do that for one week?  Will you?  What would that be like?  What will you create and generate from there for you, for consciousness, for the world? What space will that create, what receiving will that allow?  Will you e-mail me your results?  I am in AWE of you.  How does it get any better that that?


Join Dr. Claudia Cano and Whitney Christina, your Access Facilitators will show you a video of either a “Being You, Changing the World” taster or an “Energetic Synthesis of Being” taster created by Dr. Dain Heer, allowing you to have a greater awareness of what is possible for you…being the totality of you.

What if the journey to being the infinite BEING you truly are is the greatest adventure you will ever go on? If you had the steps to being, would you take the journey?

Thursday, July 17th – 6PM, Energetic BEing Center @ The Center for Holistic Empowerment. #3 Barnard Lane, Suite 301, Bloomfield, CT

No fee, but registration is required. Click here to register


July 18-20, 2014 9:30-5:00 daily
Hampton Inn, Windsor (Hartford Area), CT
Come and play with Dr. Claudia Cano

Click here to register!

Finding The Right Body For You

by Donielle Carter

Donielle CarterWhat if finding your perfect body and stepping into the life you were meant to live was as simple as asking questions? A technique called Access Consciousness® and a program called Right Body for You seeks to empower participants to ask the body questions, and through a process of tools and increased awareness, experience great change for the better. Those interested in experiencing such transformation may join the Right Body for You 2.5 day workshop with Donnielle Carter, contributing author to the Right Body for You book. The workshop will be held on August 8 through 10 at Hampton Inn located at 2168 Poquonock Ave, Windsor.

The process works on an energetic level, removing blocks and staying free of self-judgment. The knowledge to make changes in one’s life is actually innate. Learning to ask the right questions, and listen carefully for the answers to act upon, empower one in significant ways. The catalyst lies in learning to draw forth that inner wisdom, while moving away from self-criticism.

This process of moving away from judgment and into a place of self-acceptance and self-awareness is the key to transformation, and those transformations can be significant. According to Carter, “Participants in the process have many different outcomes, notably weight loss, a better relationship with food, enjoying the body more, and even an increase in psychic awareness.”

For more information, contact Whitney Christina at 860-830-1180 or register at www.bit.ly/rbfyhtfd

Looking for individual sessions, support, classes, exchanges, or more fun than you can even imagine?


  • Linda Wasil, CFMW Access Conscioussness Certified Facilitator,www.lindawasil.com
    • Greenwich Area
      • July 15 – Bars Exchange from 7-10 ($10 to exchange or $50 to receive only)
      • July 26 Bars class
  • Adam Johnson, CFMW Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator,http://www.adam-johnson.com/


  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?


  • Ziporah Hildebrand www.runzbars.com
    • Sunday July 13 at 1 pm Bars Exchange at Ziporahs house. See runzbars.comfor details
    • Tuesday July 15 “The Lighter Side of Intensity” free telecall 8 pm. See details at runzbars.com Hosted by Ziporah and Gloria
    • Saturday July 26 Body Process exchange at Ziporahs house at 11 am. Seerunzbars.com for details
    • Tuesday July 29 “Creating More in New England” free telecall at 8 pm. Seerunzbars.com for details including special guest
    • Contact Ziporah at 413-259-1874 or runthebars.com
  • Kate Hart kate@a-healing-space.org 719-966-2040

New Hampshire

  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?

New York

  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?

Rhode Island


  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?

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