Energetic BEing


Private Sessions with Whitney are available and include Access Consciousness® facilitation tools and techniques, Body Processes, Advanced Body Phenonmenance* , and Symphony of Possibilities* processes.

Access Bars® Dynamic Stress Reduction Treatment
This incredibly dynamic treatment has been called the shortcut to clearing the mind, healing the body, and achieving the inner peace you’ve been looking for. You will begin to experience profound changes in your life such as relief from anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, fear, and other stress related problems. Calmness and joyfulness typically occur after a Bars session. Please visit the Bars page for more information.

Access Energetic Facelift™
This truly unique session will reverse the appearance of aging without the trauma of surgery. Gentle touch is applied to the face, neck, and feet, to facilitate the process, by clearining blocks in the energy fields – stagnation points, usually caused by our emotions and long-term stress. Due to easier flow of energy through the body – muscles begin to relax that allows the skin to regenerate – resulting in reduced appearance of wrinkles. After the first treatment your face will become more radiant and younger looking. Imagine the possibilities after 20 treatments.

Body Balancing Treatments with Body Processes
These treatments are gentle ways to unlock the energy flows, so the body can move to its optimal level of balance from where it is able to access its inherent ability to heal itself. Each session opens a door to healing energies and more ease with your body.

Vibrational Energy Clearing Sessions
These session will help you let go of specific, recurring patterns, that have put up invisible barriers in your life. It produces the possibility for change in any aspect of life. You will begin to experience a shift in your awareness and perception. This can be done in person or by skype.

*Body Phenomenance – creating the body as phenomenal
*Symphony of Possibilities – Are you aware that your capacities with energies are…unique? Do you know that the way you resonate with the world is a fantastic, phenomenal and an absolute gift? Are you ready to step into and BE all of that now? What if WE, acoustically vibrating as us, create an energetic symphony of possibilities that changes the world and the planet?

*Energies used during your private sessions.

Price List


Individual Session – each session runs from 60-90 minutes – $200
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Package of 3 sessions – $500


Full day private session – $800

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