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Have you been earnestly working on your self-development and ignoring your body while doing it?

  • If your body were telling you it would like to contribute to the process, would you hear what it was trying to tell you?
  • What if your body were as conscious as you are, and could be your partner in this journey?
  • What if the consciousness you are seeking were only possible by including your body in the process?
  • What might that look like?

Including our bodies in the process of becoming more conscious and aware is an essential part of Access Consciousness™.  Its founder, Gary Douglas, has stated repeatedly that embodiment, is not only being in a body (that’s part of it), but also every aspect of being in that body in this entire reality.
Fortunately, Energetic Body Work with Access Consciousness™ offers a myriad of tools which can make this process of embodiment easier and  more ease-filled.
These processes look no more dramatic than what some may call “laying on of hands.”  They are as simple as putting your hands on the body and asking the particular energy that body requires to “turn on.”  Yet the simplicity of these body processes belies their effectiveness.
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Frequently Asked Questions About THE BARS

What are “The Bars”?

The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change.

What does a Bars session do?

The Bars takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released.

Similar to when the lights go out in your house and you flip the circuit breaker or trip switch so the lights come on: having your bars done allows your lights to come on. The energy of the universe becomes available to you and this often results in more peace, ease, joy and glory in life.

Several doctors who are experts in biofeedback have reported changes in their brain waves, going from beta to much more relaxed theta waves in the course of a one hour session. Luckily for us, Access has known for years that the Bars change the electrical function of the brain.

What can you expect after receiving the Bars?

Every Bars session is different. The worst that can happen after a Bars session is you feel as relaxed as if you had received a great massage. The best that can happen is your whole life can change.
Among the most commonly reported effects are: an increased sense of peace and ease, being less reactive to situations which might have upset you in the past, more restful and deep sleep, feeling that whatever was upsetting before the session doesn’t matter any more.

How long does the effect of a Bars session last?

Once you have your Bars done, the Bars “run” or continue to release stuck energy forever. Every time you have it done after that, the effect becomes more dynamic.
The most dramatic effects tend to be noticed within 3-4 weeks of the session.

How often should you have your Bars done?

This is entirely up to you. How good would you like to feel?  How easy would you like your life to be?
Some Bars facilitators wonder why we don’t all do it every day! Most like to have their bars run at least once a week, or whenever they feel stressed, cranky, or out of sorts with how their lives are going. After any kind of major shock or trauma or energetic shift of any kind is another time to consider having your bars done.

Who can benefit from having their Bars done?

Everyone who is willing to lie still for it!

Some people may not value the experience of relaxation and consider it a waste of time and other people who have an interest in changing and improving their lives may be keener. We recommend concentrating your “bars running” efforts on the latter of these, who also tend to fit into the 47% of the population mentioned previously.

Can children and babies have their Bars done?

Children and babies benefit phenomenally from having their Bars run. They are more like animals than adults, which means they are often more willing to have rapid change in their bodies as well as in their being.
It should be noted that children’s Bars can run very fast. Often they can tell you when each bar is done for that session and when to move on, and babies are even faster!

Bars Classes – Contact Whitney for the next Bars Class or Bars Evening.

Can children learn to run Bars?

Absolutely!  Because children have fewer considerations about what is possible and impossible, they can run the bars with very potent effects and less limitation. Children may be in small bodies, but they are often willing to be larger and more potent than the adults around them. Have you ever seen a child who commands the attention of the entire room they’re in?

Who can do Bars for others?

Anyone can learn to do the Bars. No previous experience in health care or training in anatomy or massage is required! All it takes is a willingness to learn and attending one-day bars class.

Where can I learn to do the Bars?

I regularly teach Bars classes in CT. I will bring a class to you and 9 of your friends. If you are not local to CT you’ll be glad to know Bars classes are taught by some 400 Bars facilitators worldwide, in 25 different countries, You can find Bars facilitators and classes on this website: www.bars.accessconsciousness.com

Where did the Bars come from?

The Bars were originally channeled by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness™, in 1990.

How long does a Bars session last?

Usually a Bars session can last 60-90 minutes although this can vary and it is always better to do Bars even if it’s for 20 minutes than to not do them at all!

What are the long-term effects of having your Bars done?

Most people who have experienced Bars regularly report that their lives continue getting easier and better.

Do you have to have it done more than once?

Access and the Bars are about choice. You don’t have to do anything. People who experience the greatest benefit from Bars are those who have it done repeatedly. It’s your choice.

How do you know what to expect from having your Bars done?

You don’t! Every Bars session is different and there is no way to predict exactly what will “happen.” The guideline that best applies is that the worst you will feel is like you had a great massage, and the best that can happen is your whole life can change.

When should you have your Bars done?

Whenever you would like to feel great!

People who have been practicing the Bars for a while usually get them done regularly, with an extra session when they are having a cranky or difficult day.

Are the Bars like Reiki or Cranial-Sacral work? Are they Acupuncture points?

The Bars never existed on earth before they were channeled by Gary M. Douglas. While the points may appear to be cranial-sacral or acupuncture points, they have a different function when done as part of the Bars. We have not seen any other method generate the changes that are created by the Bars.

Reiki practitioners tend to do very well at learning the Bars since they are already familiar with energy. The Bars and doing the Bars for others seem to have a more wide-ranging effect on the whole lives of the people doing the Bars than Reiki practitioners seem to experience

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