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The Gift of YOU


The holidays are here.  You know it.  You started getting a little more wound up, a little more contracted, frantic, frenetic, snappish, cranky, panicky, dark, about 5 weeks ago.  Hey wait a minute, that’s not the holiday spirit!  Where’s the mistletoe?  Egg nog?  Families and friends singing around the piano, pretty presents under the tree, sleigh rides, happy people everywhere, arms around each other, carols, gingerbread men?  What’s with the crowded malls, fist fights for the latest greatest, depression, darkness of the soul?  Is there anxiety surrounding the upcoming family gathering where you get to spend time with the people who have judged you your whole life and taught you how to judge yourself?  How are those judgements coming along?  Are they living up to the familial expectations?  Top it off with the requirement to get the perfect gift for the family, co-worker, teachers, friends, nail tech. . .  It’s a good thing you’re an infinite being.  You’d have to be in order to put you in all of those pretty tiny boxes.  Even if that isn’t your reality, most of us are so empathic it is hard not to get some of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, splattered on us during the season.

You’re not in the clear after the big gift giving extravaganza is over though.  Then you can make your New Year’s Resolution!  You know, the one’s you were guilted into making and have no intention of keeping.  The perpetual judgements of the wrongness of you.  Make a list of all the ways you were wrong last year and you’ll change (not) this year.

How about this.  Gary Douglas recently asked in one of his Voice America radio shows, “What if you came out of judgement of you and what if every wrongness of you were actually a strongness of you?”  How would that change your New Year?  He said, “You can change everything if you are willing to stay present”.

What if you, the infinite you, are the gift and the change that the world required?  What if the potent you, expanded out to be the ease and joy of you, with the brilliance that only you can provide, in only the way you can deliver, with the touch of a caress,  reach through eternity, are the gift?  And all you do, is BE?  Are you willing to be the gift to you, to the world, to consciousness?  We are waiting for you.  How does it get any better?


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  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?

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  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?

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Right Riches For You – On The East Coast

It’s an ask and you shall receive universe.  That’s what I hear.  A lot of you have been asking to change your finances, what else is possible?  The New Year is coming and, let’s face it, haven’t we all made the demand, to change our financial reality?  One of my favorite things I have heard Gary and Dain say is, “What if the purpose of money were to change people’s lives and realities instead of to get something, to have something or to do something?”

What if we created money in order to change people’s lives and realities?  Does that feel a little different?  Does it eliminate rats and races?  Does it change scraping, struggle, noses and grindstones?  We’re cute like that.  We won’t do it for us, but we will do it for others – better to give than receive and all that (POC AND POD).  What if we could do it with ease, and joy, like breathing?

So – with all the potency that you BE, the need and tug you did . . . You brought Curry from Houston to NYC.  Gratitude to you for that.  (Gratitude to Chris DiDomenico and Curry herself).  The gift that Curry is has to do with money.  I’ll have some of that please.

Anyone interested in going together to see her in NYC?  I’ll coordinate CT.  We can create an Amtrak corridor of Consciousness.  The class is from 10-4. Easy train ride in.  I have been involved in quite a few fun fests since I became involved in Access.  We have been known to laugh too much and get judged for our happiness.  That may be awful.  What would it take to start a money train?

Registration link – http://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=51686

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