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Yeah But, Why Does It Feel So Good?

Yeah But, Why Does It Feel So Good?

The Bars are the first body process and foundation of Access Consciousness.  If you are getting this newsletter, chances are you have had your Bars run at an expo, are a Bars client, are an Access Consciousness body process client, maybe you are a Bars Practitioner, Bars Facilitator, or CFMW, either way – you have had your Bars run.  The first time your were told “At worst you feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.” maybe there was a little eye rolling – but hey it looked so inviting!  How could you resist?  You had them run and . . . it  felt  so  good.

Did you ever notice that everything that expands your life starts with a question?  This one starts with, How did we get so lucky?  Gary and Dain went to a conference.  This was not a metaphysical conference, not a medical conference, nor a conference on holistic practices or energy medicine.  They were at a conference for thought leaders (previous attendees have been on Shark Tank, invented the magnetic credit card strip, have been Olympians, owned nationwide restaurant chains to name a few).  They were at the conference, being them, running Bars when one of the attendees, Neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin ran an impromtu test on someone having their Bars run.  When Dr. Fannin’s presented his findings here’s what he said, I have been doing these tests for many years, and studied many modalities.  I have never seen anything that does this.  The cohesion between the parts of their brain is amazing.  In non-neuroscientist speak –  the multiple things he has studied there is something called gamma coherence.  In the gamma spectrum, if you are coherent you have a sense of gratitude, a sense of joy, no judgement, a sense of connection with everything, an ability to create, and possibilities.  Bars creates more change in that area in a faster time than anything he has ever seen.  Dr. Fannin is looking to do a study on the Bars.

Once you had your Bars run, you can tell your own experience, doors opened up, things expanded, changed occurred, there was peace, calm, gratitude, and inexplicably, there were more possibilities, you were more creative,  . . . . you felt good.  Ask your practitioner, facilitator, or friend if they have had any awarenesses while they were getting their Bars run.  What magic occurred after the third time you had your Bars run?  I wonder what we would hear if we asked those questions.  Did you ever wonder how people could become so completely relaxed at an expo?  Did you see the article about how Bars are being run in prison and changing lives?  Did you see the story about Ricky Williams, changing the lives of inner city kids in TX by running their Bars?

After all of the modalities I have used, it’s now clear to me why these are the tools that have risen to the top for me. These are the ones that are gentle yet potent and create tremendous change for clients.  If you haven’t had your Bars run lately call your closest Bars Practitioner, Facilitator, come to a Bars exchange.

Enjoy the video

The Access Bars have been changing peoples lives, bodies and realities for over 25 years. Recently, neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin had a chance to perform a before and after analysis of what occurs with the brain after a single session. Here are the results that blew him away …

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  • Wanna be listed, wanna play? We’re looking for you and what else is possible?

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